Maximise availability and performance of gas compression systems.

Numerous aspects of upstream oil and gas production are reliant on the availability and performance of turbomachinery and gas compression systems.

  • Once an operating limit such as maximum driver power is reached, the production rate of a gas or gas-condensate facility is dictated by the performance of the export compressors.
  • Constant flaring is no longer acceptable so in oil production assets, the associated gas has to be either exported or re-injected – both solutions being reliant on compression.
  • Many oil wells will not produce, or will not produce at an economic rate, without the application of gas lift.

In the upstream oil and gas industry, many operators are developing facility designs for normally unmanned facilities – including offshore platforms and onshore gas gathering networks. Simulytica allows operations and maintenance teams of such facilities to view and analyse operating data, live or historical from any location, therefore, enhancing the feasibility and operability of these unmanned installations.

Simulytica transforms data into valuable insights, on all platforms.